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Iím doing a frame off restoration of a TR250

The front end was in pretty bad shape when I bought it for the project.


Iíve come quite a ways on the restoration but am now stuck at the front end. I had a core support welded on, but the gent that did it for me put it on crooked and both my body guy and I are confused how it should fit properly. We are hoping that there is someone in the community with a TR250, preferably in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area that has a 250 that we can come look at and take a bunch of measurements.


Additionally, Iím looking for new front bumper brackets that connect the bumper to the chassis. †Iíve learned that these are no longer made. †The part # from The Roadster Factory is 812405 & 812404 and is described just as I mentioned ďBracket securing front bumper to chassis frameĒ.


Hoping there is someone out there that can help. 

Contact Rich Karlson at 50-804-4653 or email 



Help with Restoration - TR250


Spitfire Steering Wheel Center Piece Wanted


I am looking for the centre donut piece for a 1977 Spitfire,

Please call Andy at 5033416824



TR3-4-5-6 and/or MGB-GT Wanted


Wanted:† TR3-4-5-6 in Primo Condition.† Also looking for a Primo MGB-GT.

Email:††or call Bill 503-522-5577.



67-69 GT6 Engine Wanted


Hi, I am looking for any leads on a 67-69 Triumph GT6 engine, ideally an intact complete core that is in need of rebuild.


If you happen to have an extra or know of someone who does, contact by:

Email :

Or call Matt @ 520-971-5870. Thank you.


Clean TR250 Wanted


We are looking for a very clean TR 250 and are ready to buy the right car.


Jef and Shelby Conklin:††or call 360-280-0874.



1957 TR3 Small Mouth Wanted


Wanted 1957 TR3 Small Mouth - Looking for a 57 TR3 small mouth, prefer complete but will consider all conditions   Please contact Robert Harrison,, with contact information.


Left- side rock guard for a 1959 Triumph TR3A Wanted


Wanted - Left- side rock guard for a 1959 Triumph TR3A.  I have the remaining 3 parts but the left guard got lost during a repaint.  I do not need a full replacement set, just the left side wing guard.  Contact Brian McCavitt at or 360-513-7248.


I'm a Member of the Seattle area Tyee Triumph Club. A while back, an individual in the Cathlamet area had a TR3 Hardtop for sale on eBay.  I am trying to locate that person.  Any leads to him would be appreciated. Thank you, Ed Medema (425) 330-5248


Triumph TR3 Hardtop Wanted
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