Portland Triumph Owners Association Library

The items below may be checked out by a PTOA member in good standing. To check an item out contact the club librarian with a list of item you are interested in and he will bring them to the next club meeting.

New Additions to the Library:

Haynes Spitfire Repair Manual 1962 - 1980
Spitfire Owners Handbook, Mk 1,2, & 3
Triumph Buyers Guide. TR1 - TR8
Practical Classics and Car Restorer - Spitfire Restoration
Original Triumph TR by Bill Piggott
Triumph Spitfire, the Total Story
Road & Track on Triumph Sports Cars. 1953 - 1967
Road & Track on Triumph Sports Cars.  1967 - 1974
Road & Track on Triumph Sports Cars.  1974 - 1982
Triumph TR4, TR5, TR250. Covers all aspects of the cars.

VHS Format   
VHS-1    9th ATDI (1989)
VHS-2    11th ATDI (1991)
VHS-3    17th ATDI (Bend Oregon)
VHS-4    VTR National at Seattle (1993)
VHS-5    Roadster Factory Summer Party (1994)
VHS-6    Rally Des Alps (1954)
VHS-7    Drive to Win, Mario Andretti
VHS-8    Overhaul, Tuning and Maintenance of SU Carburettors (British)
VHS-9    Overhaul, Tuning and Maintenance of SU Carburettors (British)
VHS-10    Just SU (Rebuild and Maintenance of SU Carburettors (Japanese)
VHS-11    Triumphs Across America
VHS-12    The Triumph Marque
CD Format   
CD-1    TR 250 Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual
CD-2    TR6 Procedures and Diagnostics including Repair, Manual
CD-3    TR6 Files
CD-4     TR 4, TR4A, TR5 & TR250 Original Technical Publications
CD-5    Triumph Wiring Schematics, TR3, TR4, TR6 & GT6
CD-6    TR6 Original Technical Publications
CD-7    The Triumph Stag Companion (workshop manual & brochures)
CD-8    GT6 Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual
CD-9    Triumph Stag Complete Works + Lucas and Lockheed Parts List
CD-10    TR2, TR3 & TR3A Wiring Diagrams
DVD Format   
DVD-1    ATDI 2007 Stevenson, BC
DVD-2    50 Years of British Car Racing in America
DVD-3    2006 Triumphest
DVD-4    Overhaul, Tuning and Maintenance of SU Carburators
DVD-5    Triumph Stag Service
DVD-6    Code Name Stag Michelotti's Masterpiece (2DVD's)
DVD-7    The Triumph Marque
DVD-8    Drive to Win, Mario Andretti
DVD-9    VTR National Convention Funkhanna 1993
DVD-10    17th ATDI (Bend Oregon)
DVD-11    Rally Des Alps (1954)
DVD-12    Roadster Factory Summer Party (1994)
DVD-13    ?
DVD-14    ?
B-1    SU Carburettors Tuning Tips and Techniques
B-2    Triumph Preparation Handbook, Kas Kastner
B-3    How to Improve your TR7 or TR8, Roger Williams
B-4    How to Improve your TR250 and TR6, Roger Williams
B-5    The Triumph TR's, Graham Robson
B-6    The Triumph TR250 and TR6 Companion, Steven Rossi
B-7    Triumph Pocket History, Michael Frostick
B-8    Heritage Motor Centre Official Handbook
B-9    100 Hot Cars
B-10    The Automobile, Craig Cheetham
B-11    Illustrated Triumph Buyers Guide, Richard Newton
B-12    Illustrated Triumph Buyers Guide 2nd Edition, Richard Newton
B-13    British Cars of the Sixties
B-14    Road and Track, Triumphs 1953-1967
B-15    Triumph TR6 Gold Portfolio 1969-1976
B-16    In the Shadow of My Father, John MacArtney
B-17    Triumph Stag, Andrew Morland
B-18    Hot on Wheels, Jay Denan
B-19    TSOA Handbook, Michael Cook
B-20    The Story of Triumph Sports Cars, Graham Robson
B-21    Spitfire Owners Handbook Mark I, II & III
B-22    Hardware Catalogue for Standard Triumph Vehicles +CD
B-23    Triumph TR7 and TR8 Buyers Guide
B-23a    Practical Classic MGB Uprating and Body Shell Rebuild
B-24    Triumphs Across America
B-25    Basic Bodywork and Painting, Petersen
A-1    Put Some Kicks in your Six
A-2    TSOA Newsletter
A-3    Old Car Price Guide
A-4    6 Pack Newsletter Vol V Issue I
A-5    6 Pack Newsletter Vol V Issue II
A-6    6 Pack Newsletter Vol V Issue III
O-1    Template for Strengthening Rear Differential Mounts
            Various Copies of Skinned Knuckles
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