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Miscellaneous Triumph Items
1         545111/75         TR6 Owners Manual, New (Reprint?)                                    10.00
1                                     Bentley, TR6 & TR250 Workshop Manual
SOLD                 40.00
1         Moss 633-416   Switch Plinth TR250, TR6, Used, 3/4" cut on top edge.       10.00
3         Moss 544-350   TR6/250 Marker Lens, Clear/Amber, New                            24.00 ea.
1         Moss 667-720   Sway Bar End Link Kit, New 
SOLD                                      10.00
8         GUJ116             TR4-6 Universal Joints, New 
SOLD                                         9.50 ea.
1         LLB987              Lucas 2.2w, screw-in dash bulb, New                                      4.00

I have decided it’s time to clean out my shop of extra TR6 stuff. I have parted out 2 cars along with a "rolling chassis". There is a lot of suspension and drive train items. A lot of parts from TR4 -6 are the same.
2 complete working J type overdrives - $1500 each
4 differentials - $100 each
3 set of seats
3 top frames, 1-TR6, 2-TR4
Bulkhead/firewall and 2 rear clips
a set of 4 Michelin X red lines, they are older but look to be in very good shape.
And lots suspension both front and rear, wheel, fuel tanks, radiators, set of late doors, rear hubs, of other stuff.
I have started going through the stuff making a scrap metal pile and the few things I would need. So, if you need something or think you need or might want to save from the scrappers let me know.
Jim Gilmon   email HERE
TR6 Parts for sale

I have a reconditioned (new valves, springs, guides)  low port head and an exhaust manifold for same.  $400 for the head and $75 for the exhaust manifold.
Contact Dave at:  541-six zero one-4925   or email HERE.
Low Port Head and Exhaust Manifold For Sale


TR4A Dashboards For Sale
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For Sale [2] TR4A wood dashboards refurbished originals [Black Walnut} $215.00 each your choice. New ones for sale at the Roadster Factory $350.00.   Please see pictures.
Call Dave Kurtz:  503-seven eight one-2421
Triumph TR4A convertible top frame. Generally straight and sound, except one mounting lug for header bar is missing. $50. Paul 360-five seven six-7973, or email HERE.
TR4A Top Frame For Sale

This TR6 has just, at the writing of this ad, 47,757 miles.

When I bought the car it had a little over 43,000. The owner said those were original. However, I have no verification of that.

It has the usual small dings and paint chips, but VERY few. The color still looks great in the sun.

I tore out a lot of the interior and did new. The only thing that wasn’t done were the seats. They were in such great shape for being original I felt no need. It has all new carpet, gauges, steering wheel and a new dash that is made of zebrawood. I also put a new panel kit in the trunk with new carpet as well.

Other work performed…a new radiator was installed a long with a new hose kit and thermostat. I also had the cylinder head removed to have the machine shop resurface it, install bronze valve guides and grind the valves. It’s all set for unleaded fuel.

Before I bought the car it had just had a new clutch kit installed a long with new ball joints and tie rod ends.

It has a brand new top, tanneau cover and cover for the top.

The car handles and drives great. Starts right up. It has a lot of power.

I have receipts for everything and my
mechanic, who does all of my work on my cars, will vouch for the trustworthiness of everything stated.

More pictures are available upon request by contacting me by email HERE.
1976 Triumph TR6 for sale $17,000

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My Dad recently retired and is cleaning out his shop. He's lived in Wyoming for many years, and his local autocross chapter closed around 2001. He pulled his lovely TR7 down for paint and lost interest. He drug it out here from Wyoming for me, and I'm finding I just don't have the time to finish it. It's all there, rust free, and bare metal. A day in the body shop and it would be a very nice car. It was Auto crossed for about 5 or 6 years before being retired. It has many performance upgrades including a split header and dual exhaust. It fires right up but will likely need lots of Maintenance due to sitting. I'm hoping to find someone to take on the project and give me back my shop space. I have a clean Wyoming title signed over to me. He even gave me a spare engine for it. I can be reached at 971-three four four-2121, or by email HERE..
TR7 For Sale
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Lovingly cared for Silver 1980 TR8 for sale.   Excellent condition 91372 miles.   Beaverton, Oregon area.   $11,500 
Telephone 503-six four nine-3917     or    email HERE
1980 TR8 For Sale
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PARTS: Early (pull handle) MGB parts. Folding tops, wire wheels set up (hubs/axles, wheels are sandblasted and primed), rear brake assemblies, oil cooler, and bins of LOTS of parts. Not looking to sell piece by piece and not looking to make money. Come offer me something knowing you can either make 2x your money or get some cheap parts.

CAR: 1963 MG, restored and ready to go. Reference this CL post
Starting at $18k, but it MUST go. Bring offers!

TOOLS: A few larger HF tools like an engine lift (cherry picker), parts washer, shop press, metal chop saw, bench grinder on a pedestal, and others. Also have a
Miller MiG welder, old Sears stick welder, and Ox-Acetylene set. Don't want to sell, but I'd like to offer them for use. Preferably to the same person. Basically, use them for the cost of storage.

I have until June 15th to make this happen. Call me at 208-six nine one-7371 if you have any interest! Brian Induni
Huge Clearing Out Sale

I  am the owner of a 1959 TR-3 and am finally ready to sell it after owning it for over 25 years.  My husband and a friend rebuilt it over the span of a year.  It has been painted a combination of sky blue and robins egg blue.  It is in very good condition (as everyone says) and has always been housed inside and rarely ever driven in the rain.  If you are interested, or know someone who is, you can contact me by e-mail.HERE.   I am asking $23,000. 
1959 TR3 For Sale

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