Stuff that keeps your car on the road.

Keeping the car going where you want it to go is rather critical to keeping ourselves and our cars in one piece. This clinic will be about how to keep it pointed in the right direction.

SUSPENSION: Do you realize that the “newest” suspension we are dealing with is at least 33 years old? Not only that but most of the suspensions we have were designed in the 1930’s or 1940’s! What condition are the components of the suspension? There are multiple bushings, a few bearings, shims, shock absorbers and a bunch of other things holding the wheels in place. We’ll cover what wears and needs attention and what it takes to have the suspension working as it was designed and in some cases we have the options of improving what is there. Toe, camber and castor will be examined.

WHEELS: Same thing about the age of wheels. Yes, wheels fail, get bent, crack and even leak air. Any one of those problems could put you in the ditch or maybe into a tree…..not good! So old wheels need to be examined and we’ll go over how to do that. We’ll look at “improved” wheels of steel, alloys and magnesium. There are advantages for each of the wheel types. There also some No-No’s when it comes to wheels. We’ll look at options as wheel technology has changed over the last 50+ years.

Tires (or Tyres for the right and proper): Hey, when an MG-TD or a TR3 came out we thought a four and a half in tread on a bias ply tyre (6.00x15) was way cool!. Things have changed!. 15 years ago it was relatively easy to find the correct tyres for our cars, today, not so easy. Tyre design has changed and improved drastically over the last 20 years changing many of the perameters for suspension and wheels. We need to be aware and compensate and adjust to the new tyres. We will have examples of different tread patterns and tires that are available.

Noon to One is generous helping of Pizza and B.S. BYOB (Beverage- Bring a 6 pack and what you leave is the “cost” of the Clinic!). Pizza supplied by Hagerty Insurance. Bring a desert to share.
One to three is when we get on the subject. Stay after for discussions and other stuff.