Clinic March 30th, Noon to One, Pizza and fun, One to three clinic
                              APRIL'S FOOLS

March 30th is just a couple of days before April First also known as April Fools Day.....soooo.

There are books, well at least catalogs, out there that want to take your money and probably cost you a lot of money and at the least reduce the performance of your car! At the January clinic people asked for a clinic on things that improved the handling, value or performance of our cars. After looking at most of the non-stock things offered I find that the majority at most add some bling.

Engine Items: 90% might help a racecar. Most of these would actually reduce the fun of driving your street car. There are bits that some post-1974 cars might benefit from because government/smog control had reduced the horsepower and some things might help restore performance.

Suspension: Do you know what the item will do? Will it add understeer or oversteer, make it a stiffer ride and make it less fun to drive? Virtually all suspension things will alter the way your car drives. On a racecar lower is better, on the street lowering the car usually makes the car ride poorly, bumps in the road will shake you up and usually the car becomes “twitchy”. Make sure you know what an item will do and that it is something you desire.
Interior: Original or custom? Custom usually does not add value to the car. Many times you have to change something like the seats to get the custom stuff installed. If you really want it and have actually looked at the cost.....not just the purchase cost and still want it, go for it.

Exterior: Chrome, brass, painted? Many will say that unless an item has an interest because of age it will reduce the value of the car.

Lighting: Definite improvements can be made but be careful of what the effect is on your total electrical systems.

If you like it and you have looked at the facts and still want to add something to your car, do it. Just get the facts first and see if it actually does what you want. Hopefully by the end of this clinic we will have gone over the parts you have considered and understand what it will do or not do!