Some exciting news about an all-new annual event for British cars.  The event is the All British Airfield Meet and beginning on May 25, 2019 - that's Saturday of Memorial Day weekend - British cars will convene at Pearson Field - the airport in Vancouver, Washington - for a British car event that is a little different:

ˇ Limited to 100 British marque cars (may be expanded in future years).
ˇ No registration fee, and while a registration fee may be charged in the future, those who attend the first annual event with a British car will never pay with regular annual attendance with a British car - get in on the ground floor and your free registration for the next succeeding year is assured.
ˇ Held in conjunction with the Young Eagles Foundation's "Open Cockpit Day" at Pearson Field.
ˇ Trophies are special and limited (that's what makes them special).  Clubs are also welcome to conduct their own marque popular choice voting and/or concours d'élégance judging.
ˇ Vintage aircraft display.
ˇ Double-decker bus food cart.
ˇ Bagpipe and drum band.
ˇ British marque car club tents welcome, no charge.
ˇ Think of it as a "touring season" kick-off event to bring together the British car community in the Portland-Vancouver area.

Sponsored exclusively by:
British Motor Care and Commonwealth Classics, Ltd.