The Fish, Lake, Waterfall and River Tour

PLEASE RSVP to via email HERE if you can come.

Join us on Saturday July 13th for a fun and very scenic morning tour in southwest Washington. Hopefully you'll see roads and scenery that you haven't seen before. We'll start off at Commonwealth Classic's monthly Cars and Coffee on Saturday July 13th. They are located at 1613 E. 4th St., Vancouver 98661. (They're near the Pearson Air Museum.) The Cars and Coffee starts at 9:00 AM, so have some of their breakfast buffet and coffee and enjoy the camaraderie. We'll leave on our tour from Commonwealth at 10 AM. We'll proceed to our first stop which will be the Columbia Springs Fish Hatchery to view the trout raising facilities. From there we'll make our way up to Lacamas Lake. We won't stop there because the parking lot in summer is usually overflowing, so we'll drive around the north side of the lake for some beautiful views, and we'll drive past the historic Leadbetter House (for more info see  Then we'll drive up the very scenic Washougal River Road to Dougan Falls where the road ends.  We'll have a stop for picture taking of the beautiful rocky falls. From there we'll proceed to SR-14 and continue east to The Bridge of the Gods ($2.00 TOLL each way) where we'll cross over to Cascade Locks and have lunch at the Bridgeside Cafe, (formerly the Charburger.)  Driving mileage will be about 70 miles to Cascade Locks, and will take a little over 2 hours. It's a nice and easy morning tour, leaving your afternoon open for mowing the lawn. The tour will end at the restaurant.

Please RSVP so I can  make reservations at the restaurant.