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I'm looking for a Mk2 (Plus) or 3.

The car I want should be good enough for a daily driver, and currently driving, as it is sold.-- not a project and I'm not expecting a show car. No rust or significant body damage (small dents might be acceptable if they can be easily worked out). Generally-complete car -- no, even-moderately-important parts missing unless the price is really low. Good glass.Things that should work for a daily driver need to be there and work. No modifications that can not be easily reversed.

Acceptable price depends on condition.

Paul Rollins 360-five seven 6- 7 nine seven 3.   or email HERE 
GT6 Wanted

I am in need of a passenger side rear fender for a TR6.
I will pick up.
Contact Beau:  (707)-six zero one-7149
TR6 RHR Fender Needed