Annual Klickitat Tour   -   2018

Weather permitting, as it always has, we will set out on Saturday morning, May 26 (Memorial Day weekend) on our annual tour up to and down the Klickitat River canyon. This is roughly a 200 mile drive with very little traffic, few traffic signs and a whole lot of scenery. The halfway stop is at the historic Logs Inn at BZ Corners north of White Salmon, Washington. There we will have a buffet lunch. The cost will be $20.00 per person. This will include a soft drink, Washington tax, and a tip. You can order off the menu but this will impede service if too many choose this option.As the Logs Inn has a very small staff I ask that you pay in cash.  Paying with credits cards will really slow our progress. I have allocated an hour for the lunch stop.

Starting point is at a large parking lot adjacent to the Best Western Hotel in Washougal. Take the Union Street exit off Highway 14. At the round-about turn right and take the frontage road past Westlie Ford. Turn right after the car dealership to a large new parking lot. This is not where we have  met in the past, instead it's on the east side of  Westlie Ford and the hotel.
We will depart at 9:30 sharp. You should be back in the Portland area around 4:00. We will make a fuel and rest stop at North Bonneville on the way up. Fuel will also be available at BZ Corner.

Here is the buffet menu for the lunch at The Logs Inn:

House salad
Yakisoba noodles with sliced chicken
Chicken Strips
Spring rolls
Soft drink

Please RSVP me if you are attending. I also need to know if you are having the buffet or ordering off the menu. The menu can be found on their website. <>. Keep in mind the buffet is offered so that we can stay on schedule. They have a very small kitchen staff.

We will not be parking on the west side of the Ford dealership as we have in the past. Go past the dealership and turn right onto South 2nd street.We will be staging in the parking lot of Waterfront Park behind the Best Western Hotel.

This has become our PTOA inaugural post winter/pre-summer tour. Those that have been on this tour know that I travel at brisk but not unsafe speeds. A number of photo ops will be offered so bring a camera. Should weather take a turn for the worse I will make a post on the PTOA Yahoo web site no later than the Thursday before the drive.

See you there,
Mike Crane